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CMO (chief marketing officer)


CMOs, who may also have the title of vice president of sales and marketing, generally have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing (although an MBA is often preferred, if not also required). They generally have at least a decade of experience in marketing and/or advertising and multiple years of experience in a managerial role.

They’re expected to have strong leadership skills, experience in project development, excellent communication skills and a high level of business acumen.

In addition, the CMO role today requires a high level of technical aptitude to maximize the tools and leverage the social media platforms that are essential to marketing efforts.

For instance, CMOs are expected to oversee the company’s use of analytics platforms to understand customer preferences, priorities and patterns particularly through user-generated media and how that insight can drive sales.

They’re also expected to direct marketing campaigns and customer outreach via existing — and emerging — social media sites, as well as through traditional channels.

To that end, CMOs must be highly inquisitive and innovative, able to identify emerging technologies that could disrupt their business or industry and also then able to respond to that by directing his or her C-suite colleagues on how to reposition the company in light of that change.

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