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Nollywood Actress Lizzy Anjorin Has A Word For Gold Diggers, Shares Personal Life Story

Let the CHANGE start from the MALE child!!!! Tell the rich man in your family to stop sleeping with the female child just bcos he want to help them and you will see that 1dollar will be equivalent to #‎1… . My yesterday post pinch them no be small 😉😂🤣.. The truth is;- where is that poor girl, single or the married women that you, your father, or your relatives has helped without sleeping with them?? …If female child offers help using d same method men used, all men d*ck would have been chop off… Gone are the days when men will help ladies willingly but today, see the rate men defiled babies bcos of pako biscuits or #50 sweet. The lady or girl you defiled or fu.ked with money will rather remain jobless than to work. Please help the female child without any fu.k interest, who knows, she might even become yours later..‎ The gigantic curse* from broken female child is destroying the country. Imagine millions of ladies that suffer overnight and the male child knowingly that he doesn’t want the woman. The male child evil act at women has made women plenty in the Church, Mosque, even the herbalists are riding G-wagon with their money. Some of them love their boo, they don’t want to let them go, they even go extra miles to sustain their ralationship… See the rate they died in hospital during child birth. Please, how many male child died during sex?? Marriage is not tellimondo or the fake Korean love movies.. I post a real life stories for people to learn bcos i’m afraid of the Future. At times I do ask myself whether this new generation with no grounded foundation will be able to face these chanllenges and survive?? another thing is, if you cannot read to learn: you will end up learn to read when things turn upside down for you.. Can I continue shaking the table😜🤣 ..If my stories and write up is making sense to you??? My birthday is april 4th, hash tag what you are giving me as a gift bcos I have a gift for you too 😍#NeverLookDownOnFemaleChildSheCanBecomeYourBossTommorow‎

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