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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ OMG Moment: Is Someone About to Reveal All the Lies About That Night at Caplan & Gold?

How to Get Away with Murder crossed over with Scandal, and the second hour, “Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” was just as crazy and filled with OMG moments as any other episode of television with Annalise and her former law students. But was a moment with a character from Olivia’s circle the most shocking of them all?

One of those moments is certainly up there, thanks to a crossover hook-up that could have ramifications on a HTGAWM relationship — if a certain person ever finds out. Then there was the truth about Laurel’s mother’s meeting with Wes, which Frank found out thanks to some digging. And we can’t forget the fact that someone could bring down all the lies told about a certain night at Caplan & Gold now. So, read on and see which was the biggest OMG moment of the episode.

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Some Crossover Fun

Despite making it clear that she has a boyfriend, whom she loves very much, Michaela gave in to the charming, intelligent and everything-she-ever-thought-she-wanted-in-a-man Marcus, and the two hooked up in the car while working for Annalise and Olivia. Did I mention this happened pretty much right after Asher texted that they were almost there? Ouch.

After the Scandal half of the crossover, it was clear there was something between Michaela and Marcus, but I honestly didn’t expect that to necessarily go anywhere. And I can only blame Michaela being distracted by the gravity of the case that she didn’t seem as concerned as she should have been about Asher in the aftermath. Connor and Laurel knew immediately that something had happened, and sure, Michaela asked them not to tell Asher, calling it “a one-time mistake” that meant nothing but would destroy him, but she has to know that as soon as one other person knows something, it’s going to get back to the one person it shouldn’t sooner rather than later. (Plus, Michaela should’ve seemed more bothered by Marcus’ comment that her brain was “hot” than she did.)

And yes, everything else is blowing up in their faces, but wouldn’t it have been nice to not have one of the core relationships take a hit at the same time?

Don’t Answer the Phone Before Going into Court!

Jacqueline got around Annalise ignoring her calls by blocking her number, leading to Annalise answering her “unknown number” call minutes before she was due to appear in court. Isaac overdosed (!) and the police found him in his car three days ago. He was alive, but his kidneys were failing — and Jacqueline blamed Annalise: “You ruined him, just like you ruin everyone in your life.” Not exactly the words someone wants to hear before going into court to be heard by the Supreme Court.

While Isaac’s overdose was both shocking and not — I expected it to happen, but I thought Annalise would be the one to find him — Olivia’s tactic to get Annalise to pull herself together following her panic attack was not. Annalise wanted vodka? Olivia sent Marcus to get some and then gave Annalise the choice in the little time they had. Annalise didn’t drink, and it would have been more surprising if she had because that was clearly not the story that was going to be told with this crossover.

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Love or Money? (Or Death?)

Perhaps the most shocking part of what Laurel’s mother told Frank about her and Wes’ conversation is the fact that she just started talking as soon as he showed her the photo of the two of them. That has to mean that there’s something Frank (and Bonnie and now, perhaps, Laurel, since he told her) hasn’t thought of, right? Sandrine had to know that Frank would look into her claim.

Sandrine told him that after Laurel told her she was in love with Wes, she had Dominic set up a meeting and offered to pay him $100,000 to stay away from her daughter. Frank couldn’t find the money, nor could Bonnie, and when he searched the apartment, he uncovered a USB flash drive, on which was an audio recording he played for Laurel of her mother’s conversation with Wes. Sandrine knew he’d had trouble with the police, and Wes said he was going to tell Laurel.

It’s certainly looking like Sandrine should be added to a spot near the top of the list of those possibly responsible for Wes’ murder. Sure, paying someone and killing someone are two very different things, but you never know with this show. Plus, the promo for the next episode does include her on the suspect list:

About Those Pieces of Brain He May Have Lost…

In the midseason premiere, Asher said he was “pretty sure [he] saw his brains,” when talking about Simon, which meant he didn’t think the guy would be able to say much if he did wake up. Well, Simon did wake up and honestly? In the glimpse we got of him, he didn’t look as out of it as the others probably hoped he would be if that happened. (You know, when they weren’t hoping for his death to solve their problems.)

Instead, it looks like he could talk, which is the biggest shocker of the episode in itself, but also means that the truth about what happened that night at Caplan & Gold could very well be revealed. How much does Simon remember and what will he be able to tell the police?

Really, while this was clearly a dark cloud hanging over their heads since the winter premiere, I am surprised it’s something they’re going to have to deal with now.

What did you think the biggest OMG moment was from “Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? Did you see that hookup coming? Were you surprised that Simon woke up?

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