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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ OMG Moment: Who Could Be Dead?

How to Get Away with Murder may have answered the question of who was responsible for Wes’ death in “The Day Before He Died,” but there was enough going on in the penultimate episode of the season that it might not have been the most shocking moment.

Why not? Well, there’s the fact that someone else could be dead by episode’s end, the crossover hookup didn’t remain a secret for long and Simon remembered a lot more than everyone hoped. But which was the biggest OMG moment of the episode?

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Asher’s Not an Idiot

He made that clear when he confronted Michaela about what happened in DC. She might have been struggling in the aftermath of hooking up with Scandal‘s Marcus — she even almost texted him — but after speaking to both Connor and Laurel, she was going to tell her boyfriend the truth. The problem? He put the pieces together himself before she could.

It’s not surprising that HTGAWM had the truth come out just as everything else was falling apart around them. Simon was awake and talking, Laurel was digging into who killed Wes and Bonnie’s life was in danger. Predictably, there was just enough time for Asher and Michaela to begin to fight before they had to hit the pause button to focus on keeping everyone out of jail.

It was a bit surprising to see that Asher had figured it out, though we didn’t see his conversation with Connor and Oliver so we don’t know exactly what they said.

A Better Plan Than Having Oliver Marry Simon

Hearing that Simon woke up had everyone on edge, especially since they weren’t sure if he could talk or what he remembered. At first, it seemed like they were safe; he just asked Oliver if he came out to him. But then he began remembering more and more and had Tegan as his lawyer — until Annalise came up with a plan to use him and help them. It also helped him get a visa.

I have to say that the most surprising part was how well Simon seemed to be doing, all things considered. I didn’t think he’d be talking or remembering so much so soon, though with the season coming to an end, it was a loose end that needed to be handled. And with everything else going on, it’s something that obviously needed to be out of the way (or at least not an immediate problem) for the finale, with someone else possibly dead and those responsible for Wes’ murder revealed.

Who Killed Wes?

After listening to the recording of Sandrine offering to pay Wes to stop seeing her, Laurel began to wonder if her mother was involved in his death. Sandrine denied it, insisting she never got Wes’ message that night, but her phone records proved otherwise. She’d called him 10 minutes later.

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Upon learning he was going to the police, Sandrine called Jorge and told him he needed to do something. Laurel couldn’t believe her parents killed the person she loved for, what, money? “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right now!” She yelled at her mother. Maybe the biggest shocker here is that it wouldn’t be surprising if Laurel actually tried to kill her mother in a fit of rage and grief right after that moment.

As the season progressed, it became clear that one of Laurel’s parents had to be involved, but even though I considered that both could be involved and working together, it seemed more likely that it would take Laurel a bit longer to find out than the audience.

She Can’t Really Be Dead … Can She?

Yes, this season has basically been building to an attempt on Bonnie’s life and that continued in this episode. Frank’s phone alerted him to a mechanical error in her car, but when he checked it out, he didn’t find anything. Still, Bonnie didn’t seem so sure about driving it and didn’t think he would be either.

That didn’t stop her from looking into and finding out who had the drive, but once Denver knew, he called Jorge and warned him, “If you don’t handle it, I will.” Cue Bonnie driving to Annalise’s and then Nate calling Annalise to inform her there had been a car accident — and someone was in a body bag.

Would HTGAWM really kill off Bonnie like this? It’s not entirely impossible, but it does seem like that last scene was engineered to make us think Bonnie was dead, only for the next episode to reveal that it’s some random person in the body bag. Maybe Bonnie was taken. Maybe a body was left in her place.

Or maybe she really is dead. And if she is, that would definitely make this the most shocking moment of the episode. There’s foreshadowing a person’s death and then there’s practically knocking the audience unconscious with the anvils to set up an event. If Frank and Bonnie had both ignored the mechanical error, sure, maybe. But Bonnie was still worried even after he checked everything.

What do you think the biggest OMG moment from “The Day Before He Died” was? Do you think Bonnie’s dead?

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