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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Recap: Annalise and Frank Team Up to Help Laurel

In the tenth episode of season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled “Everything We Did Was For Nothing,” Annalise joins forces with Frank to do what they believe is best for the group, and Laurel deals with the aftermath of having her baby taken from her. Meanwhile, Annalise reaches out to Bonnie for help, Connor continues working on the class action suit, and we learn something surprising about Nate.

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Annalise Tries to Help Laurel

As the episode begins, Laurel’s father gives a press conference about his company going public and the Keating 4 realize that everything they did to try to bring down Laurel’s father was for nothing. Annalise visits Laurel in the hospital and says the custody hearing is on Tuesday. She tells Laurel that she will find a way to get Laurel released from the psych hold keeping her in the hospital and she asks Laurel to trust her.

While Annalise deals with the Laurel situation, she tasks Connor, Oliver and Asher with helping her on the class action suit. She also tasks Michaela with keeping an eye on Laurel while she’s in the hospital. Annalise then tells Frank to get rid of Dominick’s phone, but he does not. However, he does get rid of Dominick’s body so at least that’s one less problem to deal with.

Annalise goes to see Nate because she needs the hard drive the Keating 4 stole from Caplan & Gold. Nate says the hard drive was never logged into evidence and the police didn’t find it at the scene, but Annalise thinks they are lying. Nate and Annalise then discuss Annalise’s class action suit, which Nate is still strangely invested in.

Frank Asks Bonnie for Help

Annalise stops by Laurel’s apartment which obviously used to be Wes’ apartment. She has several flashbacks of Wes while searching the apartment. I guess she was looking for any signs that Laurel might be unstable, but it doesn’t appear that she found any.

At the hospital, Laurel suggests using some sort of petition to get her released from the psych hold because apparently it’s something her mother’s lawyer tried back when Laurel’s father had her mother locked up. Annalise lies, claiming that she already tried that and the judge denied her petition. Michaela confronts Annalise about lying and Annalise says they need to protect Laurel by keeping her from getting released and doing anything reckless.

Frank stops by to see Bonnie because he wants her to use her position at the DA’s office to keep an eye on Denver since they all know that Denver works for Laurel’s father. Alas, Bonnie is having none of it. She doesn’t want anything to do with Frank and she has no interest in helping Laurel.

Oliver Goes to See Simon

Nate stops by Asher’s place and tells Asher that one of the Caplan & Gold partners told the police about a confrontation between Asher and Simon earlier this year. This could hurt Asher’s case, but Nate tells Asher to do nothing and just go about his business as usual.

While Connor and Asher are talking to Nate, Oliver sneaks out of the apartment. Oliver goes to the hospital and pretends to be Simon’s boyfriend in order to get in to see him. Simon is still in a coma, but Oliver apologizes to him for everything that happened.

Asher and Connor track down Oliver at the hospital, but Oliver refuses to leave Simon’s side until visiting hours are over. Later, Asher tells Oliver that he understands that Oliver is feeling guilty for what happened to Simon. Asher opens up about how he went to a dark place after he killed Sinclair back in the day, but he had to find a way to distract himself from those dark thoughts or he would’ve ended up taking his own life like his father did.

Frank thinks they should tell Laurel about Wes’ voicemail on Dominic’s phone because Laurel might be able to figure out how they were connected. Annalise says “no.” Annalise finds out that Frank still has Dominic’s phone and she’s not pleased, but Frank says he downloaded an app to see where the calls are coming from so they can see when Laurel’s father calls Dominic. Alas, the next call dead Dominic gets is from the DA’s office. Frank tells Annalise that he tried to talk Bonnie into helping them, but she refused. Frank wants Annalise to go apologize to Bonnie so she’ll help them.

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Annalise and Bonnie Talk Things Out

During their conversation, Bonnie tells Annalise that she doesn’t want an apology, she just wants them to talk like adults. Bonnie wants to know why Annalise was so upset when Bonnie told her that she loves her. Bonnie says she didn’t mean it in the romantic sense and that their relationship is more complicated than that. They discuss the fact that they both need each other and that need can be too much sometimes.

Bonnie thinks Annalise took her in because she felt guilty for ripping Bonnie apart on the witness stand all those years ago when they first met. Bonnie wonders if maybe she would’ve been happier if Annalise had just left her alone. Annalise admits that she helps the Keating 4 and Bonnie and everyone else because it helps her to feel less empty. It also helps her feel less like a horrible person.

Bonnie knows Annalise isn’t happy being dragged into this thing with Laurel. She tells Annalise to let Laurel go, but Annalise can’t do that. She thinks Laurel will kill herself if she doesn’t get her son back and that reminds Annalise of her own suicide attempt after she lost her baby. Annalise thinks about all the pain they could’ve been spared if Bonnie had just left her to die back then. This is an extremely honest and open conversation, and it seems like the first step in Bonnie and Annalise repairing their relationship.

Annalise Asks Isaac for Help

Bonnie goes to Denver claiming that Simon had information connecting Denver to Laurel’s father’s company. She says she destroyed the evidence to protect him because she wants to keep her job, but I don’t think Denver believes her. Bonnie recorded their conversation, but I’m not sure what her plan is or if Denver knows that she recorded their chat.

Connor, Oliver, and Asher pay Laurel a visit. She apologizes to all of them for pushing forward with the plan that landed them all in this mess. While the boys discuss ways to get Laurel released from the psych hold, Michaela tries to keep Laurel calm by saying that Annalise is on it. Michaela then goes to see Annalise and tells her that they need to get Laurel released right now. Annalise is still worried about Laurel’s safety, but Michaela knows that Laurel isn’t responsible for her premature labor.

Michaela then reveals what Laurel told her earlier in the episode which is that Frank caused Laurel’s premature labor when he accidentally hit Laurel in the stomach during his fight with Connor. While Frank deals with that news, Michaela tells Annalise that Laurel is stronger than any of them realize.

After her conversation with Michaela, Annalise goes to see Isaac because she wants him to help Laurel. After what Annalise said about his daughter in the previous episode, Isaac has no interest in helping her and I can’t blame him. Annalise apologizes for what she said, but Isaac insists that working with her isn’t good for him. Annalise then compares Laurel to Isaac’s daughter and asks him to be there for Laurel the way he would’ve been for his daughter.

Laurel Learns About Wes’ Voicemail

Connor is still going over cases for the class action suit. He stumbles on a file for a prisoner who has been locked up for over 30 years because the justice system is broken and he wasn’t lucky enough to have Annalise to get him off a murder charge. Asher looks at the file and recognizes the name of the prisoner: Nate Lahey. I’m guessing this is Nate’s father and now it makes sense why Nate is so interested in Annalise’s class action suit.

Michaela goes to see Tegan to apologize for possibly hurting Tegan’s career and to ask Tegan why she’s covering for her. Tegan told the police that she thinks Simon was behind the break-in at C&G, but Michaela knows Tegan doesn’t believe that. Tegan says that whatever Michaela and her friends did put them all in danger and she tells Michaela not to contact her again.

Denver meets with Laurel’s father. Laurel’s dad wants to know if he found Dominick, but he did not. Denver says they have a bigger problem and names Bonnie as said problem. Is Laurel’s dad going to target Bonnie now?

Isaac does the evaluation on Laurel and gets her released from the hospital. Annalise and Frank take her back to her apartment and they let her know that Frank will be staying with her. Before they can discuss Laurel’s living arrangements, dead Dominick gets a call and Laurel asks Frank why he still has Dominick’s phone. Annalise decides to let Laurel hear Wes’ voicemail. Laurel is clearly shocked to hear Wes’ voice on Dominick’s phone. Just then, Dominick gets a call and Laurel goes to answer the phone. Annalise and Frank try to stop her, thinking it’s her father calling Dominick, but Laurel recognizes the number. It turns out that the person calling Dominick is Laurel’s mother!

What did you think of this episode of How to Get Away with Murder? Why would Laurel’s mother be in touch with Dominick, aka her ex-husband’s hitman? What will happen if Simon wakes up from the coma and remembers what happened the night of the shooting? Why did Nate keep his father’s imprisonment a secret? Will Annalise include Nate’s father in her class action suit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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