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‘How to Get Away with Murder’: The Biggest OMG Moments from ‘Everything We Did Was for Nothing’ Involve Honesty

The most surprising moments of an episode don’t have to be the loudest, and How to Get Away with Murder‘s “Everything We Did Was for Nothing” is the perfect example of that. Sometimes it’s more surprising when people just get honest.

But did the biggest OMG moments of this episode involve the reveal of a name, a phone call (after several during the hour) or a few much-needed conversations?

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The Name in the File

Despite everything else going on, Annalise still had Connor, Oliver and Asher working on the class action and their goal was to find “a face case.” Oliver might have been distracted by Simon and Asher might have been focused on his own arrest — and who could blame them? — but Connor threw himself into it.

But we finally realized why this was happening at the same time as everything else when Connor found a man serving over 30 years, a lot of which was spent in solitary confinement, for murder, and Asher read his name: Nate Lahey. Is this Nate’s father? Clearly it was set up to be a big moment — building up to it all episode and whatnot — but until we know exactly what it means, it takes a backseat as the most shocking moment.

The Number in the Phone

Yes, getting rid of the body after killing someone is important. Also important? Getting rid of anything that can connect the killer to the murder. But that didn’t matter to Frank, as he decided to keep Dominick’s phone and try to use it to their advantage, downloading an app that told them where an incoming call was coming from so they’d know if it was Jorge Castillo calling from New York.

Once Laurel was allowed to go home, Annalise and Frank finally told her about Wes’ voicemail, but while she was listening to it, someone called Dominick’s phone. They thought it was Jorge, but Laurel knew it wasn’t once she saw the number and instead answered with, “Hi, Mom.”

This was clearly supposed to be surprising, given it’s what the episode ended on (much like the winter premiere ended on the voicemail), but considering the number of times Laurel mentioned her mother (from how her lawyer tried to help when she was committed to Jorge exacerbating her mother’s metal issues), it shouldn’t be a surprise that “Everything We Did Was for Nothing” featured a moment that set up her making an appearance.

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The Honesty in the Words

Considering all the murders these characters have had to lie about over the years, which has led to even more lies, it can be unexpected when they tell the truth, even — or especially — to each other. And that was what happened in this episode, as several characters let out some necessary truths, confessions that were important to move the story forward.

Sometimes honesty is needed to get someone to do something, but even when that was the case here, it came across as more about what needed to be said than what needed to be done, which is why the biggest OMG moments came with these conversations.

In an attempt to get Bonnie to be their mole with Denver, Frank told her to do it for Laurel — “think about the baby, Bon” — but instead, she told him it was a mistake not to give up on him and she should’ve let him kill himself.

When his attempt failed, Frank told Annalise that it was up to her to apologize to Bonnie. What followed was not only the best scene of the episode but also one that was a long time coming, as both women got things off their chests and talked like adults, like Bonnie wanted.

“You don’t have to help them,” Bonnie said about the kids, but while Annalise knew that, she also knew why she did: “I need not to feel so empty sometimes and not like a horrible person.” And she knew that Laurel would kill herself if she let her go and let her father take her baby, which took Annalise back to her own past, making her wonder, “You think of all the pain that we could have avoided if you had just let me go?”

And finally, in order to get Annalise to get Laurel out of the hospital, Michaela revealed to her and Frank what Laurel hadn’t wanted her to because “it’ll kill him”: that Frank accidentally hitting her made her go into labor. Therefore, Annalise had no reason to worry about Laurel being out of the hospital. She wasn’t crazy and she wasn’t doing drugs.

What did you think was the biggest OMG moment of the episode?

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