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‘Scandal’ Recap: What Consequences Arise When Olivia Tells the Truth?

Mellie and Olivia are in the hot seat on Scandal. In “Standing in the Sun,” not only is Mellie answering questions about her involvement in the hijacking of Air Force Two, but Olivia is subpoenaed about her involvement on the assassination of Rashad. Things get ugly when Olivia decides to finally tell the truth.

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Mellie in the Hot Seat

Mellie meets with Olivia and her lawyer about her best options during questioning by the special prosecutor regarding the hijacking. Her lawyer suggests evoking her Fifth Amendment right. Olivia tells her if she pleads the Fifth, she looks guilty. Instead, Olivia tells her to just tell the truth, as the truth is her armor.

As the questioning starts, Marcus gets a tip that things are about to get ugly, so he runs to Fitz, who calls Olivia, but it’s too late. The first couple of questions Lonnie Mencken asks aren’t too damaging, and then he asks Mellie why he fired Olivia. Mellie explains that Olivia resigned, but then Lonnie brings up Mellie’s alleged involvement in the assassination of President Rashad. In fact, he has a video of the conversation between Mellie and Olivia on the White House balcony suggesting Mellie’s involvement. Lonnie comes up with a story about how Cyrus found out about the plot and disapproved of it, so Mellie tried to kill him to keep him silent. And this is where Mellie asserts her Fifth Amendment right. Lonnie then serves Olivia with a subpoena.

Olivia’s in the Hot Seat

Olivia and friends meet in the Oval to figure out their next move. Fitz wants to go to Congress about the video, but Olivia says they are cornered. Meanwhile, Lonnie meets with Cyrus and questions who Jake really is. Cyrus diverts his attention and says to focus on getting Mellie out of office. At QPA, Quinn and Huck get a visit from Sally Langston, who wants them to comment on Olivia getting subpoenaed. She offers to pay them to talk on her show, but they both decline.

Later that night, when Olivia gets home, Jake is waiting in her apartment. He hands her a bottle of sand from the island Rowan had sent them to years back. She says she doesn’t want it, and he explains that on that island is the only place he was happy – standing in the sun with her. After Olivia tells him they never had a chance, he urges her to throw Mellie under the bus when questioned about Rashad’s death. He says he is finally taking what’s his and she won’t stand in his way.

Olivia checks in with QPA to see if they have anything to link Cyrus to the hijacking, but they come up empty. Abby suggests finding other dirt on Cyrus, but everything they come up with implicates either themselves, Mellie or Fitz. Then, Quinn suggests taking down Jake, but they run into the same problem – all roads lead back to them.

With all the thoughts of her past swirling through her head, Olivia has a breakdown at the African-American Museum. And apparently the only thing she comes up with is to finally tell the truth. So under oath, when Lonnie asks if Mellie gave her the order to assassinate Rashad, Olivia finally tells him no, the order came from herself by the authority of B613 as Command, which is now run by Jake. She tells a stunned Lonnie exactly where Jake runs Command out of, and that it’s secretly funded by a loophole in the budget. She explains that the White House doesn’t run B613, B613 runs the White House.

The Secret Is Out

Lonnie ends the questioning and runs to where Jake’s office is. He sees how Command is set up. When he questions Jake, he tells him he will serve him with a subpoena eventually when his team can sort through everything in Command’s office, but then he gets a call from the FBI that there is nothing there, as Jake has cleared it out. Jake then tells Lonnie that it would be foolish to pursue the investigation into B613. He adds that he’ll make Olivia’s testimony disappear and tells Lonnie to walk away.

Of course, everyone is pissed at Olivia. Mellie, Fitz, David Rosen. Everyone. They are relieved Jake destroyed the evidence, but Olivia still thinks that the truth is the only way to stop Cyrus and Jake. When they ask what exactly her plan is, she says she doesn’t have one. Everyone fears they will all go down when their crimes are outed, if Olivia continues to out B613. However, Olivia tells them this isn’t about their legacies, it’s about the country and getting rid of the corruption and fixing the nation. She says that they need to admit their sins for the sake of the nation. Mellie says that people would have their heads if they knew all that they’ve done. However, Marcus agrees with Olivia. Fitz worries that the truth will strip them of their power and their legacy.

Olivia tells them that they aren’t the heroes, they are the villains, and that this could be a positive change. However, once the lid is off, she can’t protect them or herself. She urges them to stand before the world and hope the future leaders will be better than they were.

The response from Quinn, Huck and Abby is pretty similar when she tells them she outed B613. However, they decide to stand by Olivia, and Quinn suggests going to Sally to put pressure on Lonnie to keep the B613 investigation open. Sally tells Quinn that she’ll do it, but she needs proof – as she’ll look silly trying to explain a secret spy agency.

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The Truth Hurts

Later that night, Marcus gets very real with Mellie. He basically tells her that she has surrounded herself with bad people, and now she’s upset when one of those bad people turns on her. He tells her that she can’t have a pity party for herself for a situation that she created.

Meanwhile, Jake goes to see Rowan. He tells him that he’s doing what he’s doing for the right reasons, and that Olivia is an unfortunate casualty. Rowan is calm and questions why Jake is really there. Rowan tells Jake that he believes Jake came to him for a pat on the back, and then somehow Jake will feel more like Command. Rowan mocks him, and Jake threatens him.

And Rowan, being Rowan, tells Jake that he has nothing. He says that he’s failed Jake and Olivia because they aren’t powerful – they have nothing. He explains that real power is hidden, it can’t be gained and it can never be lost. When Jake pulls a gun on him, Rowan just sits there and tells Jake that he’s the one with absolute power and that he’s just waiting for one of them to join him because it’s exhaustimg being the only one in power. He says no one can take Command, as it’s trapped in his bones. Jake threatens to kill him one more time before telling Rowan to stay out of his way.

Fitz goes to see Olivia as they wait to see if Sally will pick up the story. He says they finally figured out how their story ends, with them doing what’s right for the country.

When QPA can’t find any evidence of B613, they make the decision to go down with the ship. Huck and Quinn tell Olivia that they will testify about B613, and Abby will corroborate their stories. Olivia says she’s heading over a cliff, and Huck says they will be by her side. Olivia then goes to see Mellie to see what she wants to do. Mellie also tells Olivia that she’s with her. Then they all watch as Sally Langston tells the world on The Liberty Report about B613 and urges Lonnie to do something about it. And then their phones start ringing, as a scared Cyrus runs to Jake.

What an interesting twist. I’ve wondered for a while now how exactly Olivia will “fix” her way out of this one. And it turns out she’s just going to go down with the ship. It is quite funny hearing QPA try and take down Cyrus and Jake, and realize that anything bad the pair has done, QPA and Olivia have been involved somehow.

It is refreshing to hear Marcus call Mellie out on her own crimes. She’s always tried to be innocent, but she’s just as bad as the rest of them. The group has done some terrible things for the past seven seasons of Scandal. And now it looks like they will all pay for their crimes. That is, unless Rowan comes in to be the ultimate fixer.

Are you surprised Olivia outed B613? Do you think Rowan will somehow cover up everything? Do you think anyone will die as a result of Olivia’s truth-telling brigade? Do you think the country will even believe something like B613 exists? How will everyone pay for their crimes? Let us know in the comments below.

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