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‘The 100’ Season 5 Trailer Shows off a Brand-New War and Villain

After a tortuously long wait, The 100 has finally released the trailer for the highly anticipated season 5. Following the season 4 finale, which aired close to a year ago, there’s been barely a peep about what season 5 would contain. Now, with an extended trailer, things are finally starting to come into focus.

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The 100 season 5 teaser doesn’t give fans everything they want — there’s no hint of a Bellarke reunion and it doesn’t appear that anyone knows Clarke is still alive at all. Yet the trailer makes up for the lack of expected moments by adding a whole new layer of mythology and excitement to the sci-fi series.

The trailer holds up the promise of the season 4 finale and fully embraces the large time jump that will have taken place between seasons. The world looks completely altered after the nuclear meltdown of the season 4 finale which caused half the cast to flee underground and the other half to launch back into space, leaving Clarke all alone on the ground.
Of course, Clarke won’t be alone. There’s not only the new character Madi, who Clarke refers to as her family in the trailer. It appears that there will be a small community of Nightbloods, like Clarke, who managed to survive the radiation and have been living above ground and on one small patch of green Earth that miraculously wasn’t turned to ruin.
It’s this living patch of earth that will be the battleground for The 100 season 5. It appears that at least three different factions will be fighting for control. There will be Clarke’s aforementioned group of Nightbloods, but also the new Wonkru led by Octavia. Wonkru will join together the groups that survived underground and in space. Although there is no reunion between Clarke and Bellamy, the trailer does confirm that Bellamy and the rest of the spacefarers will touch back on the ground and reconnect with Octavia’s people.

The third and newest group though appears to be the most dangerous. The spaceship that Clarke saw at the very end of season 4 will contain the newest villains of The 100. They appear to be a group of ruthless and militaristic people who will stop at nothing to get the last living land on Earth.

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In an interesting and exciting change of pace for the series, it appears that this time the main villain will be a female character (played by Ivana Milicevic.) This character, named Charmaine, appears to be the leader of this group and will cause a lot of headaches (and probably corpses to fall) for Clarke and crew.
There might be a lot fewer people on Earth after season 4 but world peace clearly hasn’t been achieved on The 100.
But what do you think of the trailer? How long will it take Clarke to meet with her friends? What do you make of the new villains? Are you excited to see more on Wonkru?
The 100 season 5 will premiere on Tuesday, April 24 at 9/8c on The CW. Want more news? Like our The 100 Facebook page!
(Image and video courtesy of The CW)

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