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8 ways to fix Snapchat

Snap wants to be a “camera company,” but it needs to sell cameras that appeal to everyone and can be used everywhere. A sunglasses camera like Spectacles is too intrusive for the mainstream after the Google Glass stigma. TechCrunch has just confirmed Snap has closed its $150 million to $200 million acquisition of Hover selfie drone maker Zero Robotics. But a selfie drone won’t fit in your pocket, Hover is too expensive at $500 for most Snap-happy teens, they’re crashable and there are privacy concerns. Snap has talked to 360 camera developers to explore selling its own, but it needs to go through with that. 360 cameras like the Giroptic iO are tiny enough for your pocket, fit onto your phone for simple use, are more affordable at $250 and could bring unique content to Snap Stories. Imagine all your friends crowding around to shoot a 360 video of everyone acting silly.

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