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Cooking Hack: The fast, correct way to prepare 3 food items

Some food items in particular are difficult and messy to handle and prepare.

However, there are some that you just need the right technique to prepare them and it becomes easy to handle.

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It is difficult to remove the seeds from some fruits while it is difficult to remove the skin off some others. Here are the most effective ways to handle some fruits and vegetables:

1. Potatoes:

Potato hackplay

Potato hack

(Chowhound )

After boiling potatoes, simply place them in really cold water. After some minutes, the skin will peel off easily in your hands.

2. Bell peppers:

Pepper hackplay

Pepper hack

(Youtube: Dave Hax )

Simply cut down one side of a large pepper and carve out the insides to easily and completely remove the seeds.

3. Watermelon:

Watermelon hackplay

Watermelon hack

(Youtube: Jennifer Jenner )

You can serve watermelons easily by placing a large bowl of approximately the same size over one half of a watermelon.

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