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Destinations: 5 of the best beach party locations

If you’re looking to go on a beach vacation, not for peace and quiet but for wild partying, here are five prime locations to consider.

1. Miami, Florida:

Miami beach partyplay

Miami beach party


Miami is a hot location for beachgoers. Miles and stretches of soft sand, numerous raging nightclubs, and restaurants dots the city.

Several events and festivals are held in Miami throughout the year and the many the bars and nightclubs in the city are in full swing every night of the week.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:




Rio de Janeiro is a city famous for its nightlife. Brazil’s culture and music culture leave us in do dount as to why some of the wildest parties are thrown there.

3. Ibiza, Spain:




Ibiza is a mediterranean island off Spain’s coast. Ibiza is famous for its thriving nightclubs. Most visitors to Ibiza are couples and groups who want to spend their time dancing and partying on the beach or in pool sides at the hotels. The town of Ibiza is actually a UNESCO World Heritage City, so in between all the partying, guests can enjoy some historical sites and monuments.

4. Cancun, Mexico:




Cancun is an undeniable boisterous party scene. A Cancun holiday is typically characterized by booze-filled days at the beach.

Beer bongs and wild parties are common and the legal drinking age is 18. The white sand beaches offer beautiful views.

5. Barcelona, Spain:




Barcelona is more than stunning gothic architecture and world-class museums, it is a prime party destinations in Europe. Nightclubs and pubs with beach terraces and underground areas are often open until 5 a.m or even later.

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