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Fascinating Destinations: 5 places with the clearest waters

If you are looking to travel to a place with clean and clear waters, here are the places to go.

These five places have the cleanest and clearest waters so you might want to head there for a long soak.

1. Linapacan Island, Palawan, Philippines:

Linipacan Islandsplay

Linipacan Islands


The Linapacan Island is located in the province of Palawan in Philippines. The beautiful and serene island is well known for its crystal clear waters and pristine white sand.

The island is peaceful and not overcrowded, with a population of just about 14000 inhabitants.

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2. Crater Lake, Oregon:

Crater Lakeplay

Crater Lake


The Crater lake, Oregon is one of the oldest lakes in the world. it was formed when a volcano called Mount Mazama collapsed. It is popularly referred to as ‘Old Man of the Lake’.

The beautiful and clear waters of the lake make it the ideal destination for swimmers and divers. There is a tree at the centre of the lake that has been there for more than a century.

3. Maldives:




This is one destination that is popular for its pristine waters. The beautiful island is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.

The beaches have clear waters and the ecosystem is colourful, making it attract hordes of tourists every year.

4. Sardinia, Italy:




Sardinia in Italy has clear blue waters and the ancient structures around it only add more charm and allure to the ambiance of the place.

The Mediterranean island has somehow managed to not be overrun by commercial tourists, meaning that it is not quite and it is an ideal destination for swimmers and divers.

5. Isla Holbox, Mexico:

Isla Holboxplay

Isla Holbox


Mexico is a tourist hotspot for obvious reasons. The Isla Holbox lake is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, an area popular among tourists who often kiteboard there.

The lake is beautiful with clear waters and a lot of charm.

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