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Fascinating Destinations: Real-life enchanted home

The hidden treasure will have you thinking you just happened upon a magical adventure.

Enchanted homeplay

Enchanted home


Hidden away in the mountain ridge of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan is this picturesque scene. The primitive looking hut from outside has modern facilities inside.

Spacious kitchen areaplay

Spacious kitchen area


The home contains a large and spacious kitchen, a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, and even a guest room equipped for nursing disabled and elderly people.




This contrast even makes the home even even more fascinating. Right in the heart of nature is a house that is comfortable enough to have some peace and quiet on your own.




The home was designed by a Japanese architect, Issei Suma and the five-structure complex is named ‘Jikka’.

Enchanted homeplay

Enchanted home


The home was designed for two women in their sixties; one a cook, the other, a social worker. The residence serves as a cafe and base for their meal delivery service during the day.

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