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Fascinating Destinations: The Blue Lagoon is definitely worth visiting

Iceland, a beautiful and almost mysterious country, my be famous for its geysers, but there are more amazing things there.

The Blue Lagoon, an unbelievable natural outdoor swimming pool that is also a popular spar resort calls Iceland home too.

The blue lagoonplay

The blue lagoon


The unique pool is recognised by National Geographic as one of the world’s 25 wonders. This hot lake hot lake appeared due to natural processes.

Legend has it that an energy specialist from Iceland who was suffering from psoriasis swam in the lagoon and was cured of his ailment.

Blue lagoonplay

Blue lagoon


The bright blue colour of the water is as a result of silica. The silica also creates a white precipitate at the bottom of the lake which makes up the therapeutic clay the lagoon is famed for.

The water has a unique composition made up of minerals, algae and silica. Depending on the weather, the water can take on a hue that ranges from shades of blue to light green.

Blue Lagoon clay for facialsplay

Blue Lagoon clay for facials


Tourists come from different parts of the world to enjoy this hot lake and pamper their skin with the therapeutic clay.

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