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Food Art: Fruits and veggies cleverly made into cartoon characters

Healthy food can sometimes be boring, so we keep looking for ways to spice it up.

A mom started making her son’s food into his favourite cartoon characters and she has become internet famous for it.

Jacobs food diaries is dedicated to making healthy food habits fun. The drawings of the characters made from different food items are so accurate and will make your imagination run wild.

The drawings are so realistic that you might even feel reluctant to eat your favourite characters.

1. Mad Hatter (Alice through the looking glass):

mad hatterplay

Cartoon food


Created with potato, leek, wholemeal wrap and eggplant.

2. Elsa (Frozen):




Made from garlic, spinach, fettuccine, parsnip, potato and beetroot.

3. Abu (Aladdin):




Made from lamb shoulder, wholemeal wrap and vegetable.

4. Igger (Winnie the Pooh):

Winnie the Poohplay



Made from dampohkt-tomato rice and grassfed beef.

5. Kermit:


Cartoon food


Made from avocado and eggs on toast.

6. Spongebob:




Made from waffles, puffs, coconut, raspberries and blueberries.

7. Nick Wilde (Zootopia):


Cartoon food


Created with spinach, lamb shanks, sweet potato mash, beetroot, figs and wholemeal wrap.

8. Hank (Finding Dory):

Finding Doryplay



Made with lime, octopus and red capsicum.

9. Ariel (The little mermaid):


Cartoon food


Made with beef, parsnip, red capsicum and potato mash.

10. Pinocchio:

Pinocchio play



Made from chicken, mash potatoes, vegetables and rice.

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