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Foreign Cuisine: Italian rigatoni, eggplant and cheese

This traditionally Italian meal is actually super easy to make.

Even better is the fact that it is healthy and does not require a lot of ingredients.

Here is how to make rigatoni, eggplant and cheese.

What you need:

– Three to four large eggplants (garden eggs)

– Three cups of flour

– Two eggs

– One glass of milk

– Half cup of grated cheese

– Four cups of marinara sauce

– Some olive oil

– 250 grams of rigatoni (macaroni can replace this)

– Salt and pepper to taste

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How to:

1. Cut the eggplants into small pieces and place in water and salt for about 10 minutes.

2. After 10 minutes, drain out the water and leave the pieces to air.

3. Mix a cup of flour with pepper.

4. Beat the eggs with milk in a separate bowl.

5. In a third bowl, mix the remaining flour with the grated cheese.

6. Put some pieces of eggplant in the first bowl (flour and pepper).

7. Do same for the other two bowls.

8. Fry each mixtures with olive oil on medium heat till they become a nice golden brown.

9. Remove the excess oil by draining them on a paper towel.

10. Combine them with the marinara sauce.

11. Boil the rigatoni (or macaroni) and add the sauce to it.

12. Serve as desired.

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