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Fruits: Pink pineapples now exist and are genetically proven to be sweeter

Thanks to science, there’s a new type of pineapple and it’s the pink pineapple.

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Patented by fruit producer Del Monte, pink pineapple is currently grown in tropical spots like Hawaii and Jamaica. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the fruit for consumption back in December 2016 and assured consumers that the pink colour, though created through genetic modification, is totally safe to eat. In fact, it makes the pineapple taste even better.

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Back in December nobody really knew what the pink pineapples would look like but now, they’re popping up all over Instagram and we’re totally loving just how cute these pineapples look.

Although this pineapple got people wondering if they’re actually real but not only are they real, they’ve already quietly made their way into the kitchens of a few lucky food aficionados.

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According to FDA, “Pink Pineapples simply have some genes toned down to keep the flesh of the fruit pinker and sweetened. [Del Monte] submitted information to the agency to demonstrate that the pink flesh pineapple is as safe and nutritious as its conventional counterparts.”

The pink pigment is called lycopene, the same colour that makes watermelon pink and tomatoes red. It creates a sweet, less acidic taste than the conventional pineapple.

play Pink Pineapple (Instagram)

Unlike the yellow pineapple, the pink pineapple produces less of the bromelain enzyme, which is known to make your mouth burn.

Although we still are in the dark as to where to get this pineapple, we sure can’t wait to lay our hands on it.

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