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Game Of Thrones: 10 places from fantasy movie that actually exist

Game of thrones may be a fantasy TV show, but some of the places in the story actually exist in real life.

The intrigue numerous plot twists have made the show popular with millions of people around the world.

The magic and fantasy have also earned the series millions of fans as the books and movies are some of the highest selling at the moment.

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George R.R Martin’s epic tale has some real places that were used in the series. If you are a die hard fan and you want to experience the places, bag your bags already!

1. The Stark’s castle:

Stark Castleplay

Stark Castle


The Stark castle in real life is Loch Doon Castle, Scotland.

2. The gates of King’s Landing:

KIng's Landingplay

KIng’s Landing


The real location is Mdina, Malta.

3. Red Keep:

Game of Thronesplay

Red Keep


This place is actually Lovrijenac Fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

4. The Iron Islands:

Game of Thronesplay

The Iron Islands


This place is Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland.

5. Eagle’s Nest (Arryn Valley):

Game of thronesplay

Eagle’s nest


This location is Meteora, Greece

6. North of the Wall:

Game of Thronesplay

North of the Wall


North of the Wall in real life is Mývatn lake, Iceland.

7. The lands beyond the Wall:

Game of Thronesplay

Lands beyond the wall


The lands beyond the wall can be found in The Vatnajökull glacier.

8. Camp of the Wildlings:

Game of thronesplay

Camp of the wildings


This camp is actually the cliffs of Dimmuborgir, Iceland.

9. The tunnel of trees in Crownlands:

Game of Thronesplay



This is actually the The Dark Hedges beech trees, Antrim County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

10. Astapor:

Games of thronesplay



The real location is Essaouira, Morocco.

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