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In Amsterdam: World’s first hangover bar opens

The bar has everything you need to cure a hangover.

The Hangover Bar in Amsterdam, open only on weekends, caters to hangovers with everything from from a bed to massages to your favourite TV series.

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The interesting bar doesn’t actually serve alcohol, and ‘hangover inspectors’ use a Breathalyzer on you to confirm if you still have alcohol in your system before you go in.

Hangover barplay

Hangover bar


The beds in the bar each have their own television. There is also an oxygen bar to boost recovery.

Joep Verbunt, one of the people behind the unusual bar says “Most people share the opinion that the day after a night out is somewhat less successful. To overcome a hangover there are a few things you need: a good mattress, good food, fun and lots of vitamins. In the Hangover Bar all these elements are brought together for the first time.”

The bar is open from Friday through Sunday, within the hours 10am and 6pm. Guests can also take vitamin-boosting smoothies to help quickly get rid of their hangovers.

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