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In France: Plastic cups, plates banned

Plastic cups and plates are popular at parties for several reasons.

Apart from adding a bit of colour to your event, disposable plastic kitchenware makes serving your food and drinks easier.

Disposable cups are best suited to serve scoops of ice cream at children’s parties and alcoholic drinks at adult parties.

If you are serving food at a picnic, if you do not want to share cups for hygiene purposes, or you just can’t be bothered to do dishes after, then you understand the love for plastic plates and cups.

A new law passed by France in August, but which will take effect in 2020 has banned disposable cups and dishes in the country.

France already disposes almost 5 billion plastic cups away annually, and only one percent of this is recycled. Thus, France banned the items for the sake of the environment.

Businesses who deal in disposable cups, plates and others have until January 1, 2020 to comply.

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