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In Switzerland: Hotel with no walls, ceilings open

If you are looking for a fancy hotel with hot baths and freezing air conditioners, perhaps you should not look here.

Null Shtern is nothing like the fancy hotels you are used to. This hotel literally has nothing in it, save for a bed and a few bedside tables.

Wall less hotelplay

Wall less hotel

(Hotel with no ceiling or wall)

There are no doors, no walls, no ceilings- nothing but the view of the Swiss Alps atop which the hotel is located. The only ceilings a guest will see is the view of the night sky and twinkling stars above him.

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According to one of the hotel’s founders, the walls are absent because they want nothing to come between the hotel guests and their experience.

Not only are there no walls or ceilings, there is no toilet or bathroom. Guests have to visit a public restroom which is a five minute walk away from the hotel.

Hotel with no wallsplay

Hotel with no walls

(sonderaufgaben.ch )

How ever, like regular hotels, Null Shtern provides room service in form of a personal butler who lives in a nearby cabin.

The hotel, which is located 6,463 feet above sea level in the middle of the Swiss Alps costs about 210 dollars every night.

The land had to be flattened by a construction crew before they could install the bed.

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