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Interesting Places: You can actually swim in wine at this spa

This spa allows you swim in alcohol- literally.

Located 60 miles to the west of Tokyo, the Yunessun Spa Resort is where you can go to immerse yourself in a pool of wine.

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The spa calls itself a ‘spa theme park’ which simply means it is Disneyland for adults who like wine just as much as kids do cartoons.

Wine spaplay

Wine spa

(Instagram: travellingheels)

At the spa, instead of soaking in hot water, people soak and swim in hot tubs of Merlot or Bordeaux.

If the thought of immersing yourself in wine doesn’t just appeal to you, you might want to reconsider because bathing in booze has some health benefits.

Wine spaplay

Wine spa

(Instagram: radicalych )

These wines contain resveratrol, an antioxidant believed to possess anti-aging properties. These properties are known to improve circulation, strengthen the skin and even prevent it from losing elasticity.

Egyptians were said to have used wine baths to soften their skins.

Wine spa play

Wine spa

(Instagram: christene)

No, you don’t have to drink the same wine that people have been swimming in. You simply drink straight from the source – a 12 foot bottle located by the pool.

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