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Kitchen Hack: 3 ingenious cooking tips involving your freezer

The freezer is your best friend, not only will it preserve your food, it will help with a lot more.

1. Cutting onions without crying:

Chopping onionsplay

Chopping onions


If you want to cut onions without being blinded by tears, simply put them in the freezer 30 minutes before chopping.

This method is only for onions you plan to cook though. If the onions are meant for a salad and you do this, they will lose their crunch.

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2. Grating cheese without making a mess:

grating cheese hackplay

grating cheese hack


Grating cheese can be a messy affair, with most of the cheese running down your hands if it is soft. To combat this, simply put the cheese in the freezer about 30 minutes before you grate it.

The cheese freezes and hardens, making it easier to grate as it doesn’t stick to the grater or run down your hands. It is also easier to sprinkle in your recipes when grated like this.

3. Keeping herbs fresh:

Storing herbs hackplay

Storing herbs hack


Cooking herbs are best preserved when frozen into ice cubes. Freezing herbs such as mint leaves or scent leaves in an ice tray will ensure that their vitamin content is preserved.

When ready to use, you can simply drop them into an empty pot or into a simmering soup.

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