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Kitchen Hack: 5 utensils you must have

1. Set of pots:

Pots and pansplay

Pots and pans


Of course, this comes first. How else are you going to cook if you have no pots to start with? The importance of a set of pots in different sizes cannot be overemphasized.

The different sizes are important as it helps you cook whatever quantity of food you want at any time.

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2. Bowls:

Kitchen bowlplay

Kitchen bowl


Like pots, it is important to have bowls in different sizes. They help you organise your cooking, especially when you are preparing a meal that requires a lot of ingredients or chopped vegetables.

Plastic or ceramic bowls with lids are very useful and they can be used to store food in the freezer. in storing food in the fridge or freezer.

Bigger sized bowls are equally useful for mixing ingredients when baking or for recipes that involve batter.

3. Sharp knife:

Sharp knifeplay

Sharp knife


A lot of the cooking process involves chopping ingredients. A sharp knife gets the job done faster and more efficiently than trying to use a blunt knife.

A sharp knife allows you chop your vegetables quickly and neatly in slices as thin as you want.

4. Chopping board:

chopping boardplay

chopping board


A chopping board goes hand in hand with a sharp knife. It helps get your chopping done very easily.

5. Sieves:




Sieves are needed for several tasks in the kitchen. For example, you need a sieve when parboiling rice, when removing the skin of beans, when cleaning vegetables etc.

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