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Kitchen Hacks: 3 popular tips that don’t work

You’ve definitely come across a lot of kitchen hacks on the internet.

Some hacks seem to good to be true and work like magic. However, some do not work at all and if you haven’t tried them, then don’t waste your time.

1. Placing a spoon on the lid of a pot:

Spoon on lid hackplay

Spoon on lid hack

(thriftytstreasures )

This hack supposedly stops water from boiling over in a pot. If you place a wooden spoon on the lid of a boiling pot, water will boil over anyway and the spoon can’t stop it!

2. Peeling a mango with a glass cup:

Mango peeling hackplay

Mango peeling hack

(finecooking )

This tip says you can easily peel a mango by cutting it in half and placing it on the edge of the glass and then sliding it down.

This will only work if you want mango puree in the glass cup. It definitely does not work if you want a neatly peeled mango.

3. Opening a jar with duct tape:

Jar opening hackplay

Jar opening hack

(instructables )

This tip says that if you stick duct tape on top of a tight lid and hold the jar with one hand and pull with the other, the tape would easily come off.

Actually, the only thing that will come off is half the content of the jar all over your hands and table. Just put a dry towel around the lid and turn instead.

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