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Maggi: Breathtaking views, Camel-riding, Kilishi & Miyan Taushe when Delicious Naija visits Kano

You know how you always ask anybody going to the North of Nigeria for Kilishi? Aha, I bet you don’t know how it’s made!

This episode changes that. Bunmi got to ride a camel, climb a gorgeous hill with a breathtaking view, and share a meal with a local family because it’s Kano time!

Delicious Naijaplay

Delicious Naija


Could you shop for a meal for a family of 6 with N2000? Well, Halimat Ibrahim showed us how to make a rich, nutritious meal without draining your the bank account. Our jaws are still on the floor! We need to go to this woman for lessons because any smart buying tips are welcome in these recession times. Gurasa and Miyan Taushe was the meal Halimat, the MAGGI Star of this episode, showed Bunmi how to make. It’s a traditional meal made of locally-made bread and Pumpkin & Groundnut vegetable soup. It looked lush!

Food preparation in Kanoplay

Food preparation in Kano

If you’re one of those people always looking for things in their fridge or freezer that you have to open everything to know what’s inside, Bunmi has a tip to help make your life a little easier. She even shows how to preserve your vegetables for longer and prevent smells in your appliances!

Yes o, we really enjoyed this episode. You would too! Catch up on past episodes on MAGGI Nigeria’s YouTube Page!

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