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Maggi: #deliciousnaija takes Ilorin

Fun fact about Ilorin…

There’s an Okelele community, Dada potters, and entry rights are reserved for only female children born to members! Fascinating, isn’t it? They do such amazing work too and have been around for such a long time. Bunmi of Delicious Naija also visited the culture-rich mosque.

The meal of the day was Sweet Potato Pottage and a trip to the market showed us a few hacks and tips for what greens to buy, how to tell which fish would yield more to you and also what pepper is good for asides that fiery spice (or the pepper dem gang). Did you know the leaves of the sweet potato are edible?

Bunmi’s host taught her how to make a mean pot of Sweet Potato Pottage, complete with colourful spinach. Bunmi returned the favour by teaching her host how to make Sweet Potato fritters, a less formal option to the pottage. Food is served, everyone’s happy!

Check out how to make your own Pottage on Maggi’s YouTube Page!

This is a feature by Maggi.

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