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Maggi: #DeliciousNaija takes J-Town & Gwote Dankali in Jos

Can you name all the awesome entertainers that the city of Jos has given us? We’d probably run out of breath first.

It’s an amazing city filled with gorgeous nature and beautiful culture and Bunmi of Delicious Naija stopped by to check out the food scene.

#DeliciousNaija takes J-Town & Gwote Dankali in Josplay

#DeliciousNaija takes J-Town & Gwote Dankali in Jos

Acha pudding, eaten with milk and sugar! Jos people call Acha Fonio or ‘hungry man rice’. But here we have it, this low-calorie meal was enjoyed with vegetables and bread – Jos style. It was a good reminder to pay attention to breakfast. In their words, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” Real words to live by!

Bunmi then moved on to the our host family, Gwom and Gladys Tong. Although there’s been an accident, the family’s in good cheer – it’s Gwom’s birthday! Gladys decides to skip the usual birthday eating out to make her special Gwote Dankali, a potato pottage. After a successful trip to the market, the women hunker down in the kitchen to make an amazing meal filled with vegetables and love.

Catch up on Delicious Naija episodes on their YouTube channel!

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