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Past And Present: The oldest hotel in the world

This hotel has been in the hospitality business for 1,311 years!

Even more amazing than that length of time is that the hotel has been closed only from renovation since the day it was opened. It was last renovated in 1998.

The historic hotel has also belonged to the same family for 52 generations.

Although the interior is furnished in traditional Japanese style, guests will find whatever modern facilities they want there.

Oldest hotel in the world (room)play

Oldest hotel in the world (room)


The hotel’s 35 rooms are furnished in this traditional Japanese style. Each of these rooms has at some time, accommodated samurai, emperors or warlords.

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There is no internet or television though, because the place is for relaxation and refreshment which might be difficult to achieve if you keep checking your work emails.

Guests can bathe in hot springs and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the mountain paths.

One of the unique features of the hotel is that the hot tubs are fed from underground springs. The hotel’s central heating comes from the springs and all the water used at the hotel is collected from the springs too.

Window views from the oldest hotel in the world play

Window views from the oldest hotel in the world


The hotel is also situated on a mountain peak, with windows that look out unto the mountain peaks, an endless sight of beautiful scenery.

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