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Prawn Akara Recipe: Check out this latest Nigerian delicacy

Like me, Akara balls, popularly referred to bean cake, reminds a good number of Nigerian families of their Saturday breakfast.

Akara is a Nigerian snack, made with beans and a few other ingredients and spices. It’s usually prepared by deep frying it. Little wonder, some consider it as a fattening meal. But, it doesn’t have to be one if only you use the right kind of oil or you could even flat fry it, making it into a pancake. I mean, why should anyone be stopped from taking this delicious and healthy source of plant protein when you can modify or tweak your method of preparation just so it is totally fit for your consumption no matter the kind of diet plan you’re on.

Prawn Akara ballsplay

Prawn Akara balls


Check out this latest Akara recipe called the Prawn Akara or you could even say Prawnkara recipe. Thanks to Sisi Yemmie who discovered this incredible recipe.

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1. 1 cup Bean flour

2. 1 tsp Crayfish (Ground)

3. 1 tsp Dry pepper

4. Prawn

5. Salt

6. 2 cups of Warm water

7. Vegetable oil


1. Cut the prawn into smaller bits and add some salt. Then set it aside.




2. In a big bowl, add a cup of bean flour, crayfish, dry pepper and salt (to taste) and stir to mix all well.

3. Add the warm water and stir well.

4. Add the prawn.

5. Pour some oil in a deep fryer. Mould the Akara into balls and fry over medium heat until golden brown.

Ulala! Prawn Akara is ready. Who’s ready to eat?

Prawn Akaraplay

Prawn Akara


This recipe is incredible because, unlike the normal Akara, this one’s got Prawn in it and that makes it all the more delicious. Try it yourself.

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