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Pulse Food Hack: 5 ways to tell if watermelon is good

Fruits like watermelon can give you a hard time to buy because you can’t see the edible parts.

Most of us have experienced frustration at one time or the other when we buy fruits and open them up to find that they are bad.

Looks can be deceiving and you may not be able to tell which fruits are bad just by looking at them on the outside.

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Here are five things to look out for in a good watermelon:

1. It should make a hollow sound when you tap it.

2. It’s stripes should be clearly visible.

3. Even if it is large, it shouldn’t be too heavy.

4. The body of the watermelon shouldn’t be too dull.

5. It should have no cracks or cuts on the outside.

All the above listed are red flags for when shopping for watermelons. Be careful as you make your selection so you can get the best of the juicy fruit.

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