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Travel Guide: 3 things you must NEVER do on a cruise

1. Do not buy health insurance from the cruise line:

When you book your cruise, you are likely to be offered insurance. It is advisable to decline this offer. Insurance is definitely a good idea, but to avoid conflict of interest, it is best that your insurer is independent of the cruise line.

2. Do not leave without getting your shots:

It is important that you are vaccinated against common diseases like like measles/mumps/rubella. Why? You will be living in close proximity with passengers and crew from countries where these diseases may be rampart.

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3. Do not eat late at night:

Experts advise that you stop eating about two hours after the sun goes down. The last thing you want to experience on a ship is indigestion. Food digests better when you’re moving around, so it’s best to eat while you have some activities left before you retire for the night.

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