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Travel Tips: The best times to buy plane tickets in 2016

A lot of times, making travel arrangements are the most stressful part of a vacation.

So the sooner that is done and gotten out of the way, the better for you and the remainder of your holiday. By using these tips to book your flights, you save yourself some money that can be put to other uses.

Airfare analysts at Hopper have analyzed current ticketing data and they have found the best time to book flights ahead of the holidays this year.

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By their calculations, between October 5 and October 12 are the best times to book air tickets for Christmas because they will be at their cheapest around 80 days to the holiday.

For Thanksgiving flights, it is advisable to book by the end of October so as to ensure the lowest possible prices.

This data is a result of the analysis of billions of flight price quotes every day.

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