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Water Voyage: The biggest cruise ship in the world

We all know that going on a cruise ship is luxury vacation/travel, but this ship takes it several notches higher.

Allure of the Seas is like a floating Las Vegas Strip. The ship carries 7,500 people, 2,500 of whom are staff/crew.

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Some of the unbelievable facilities on this ship include an ice rink, a bowling alley, a golf course, volleyball and basketball courts, a rock-climbing wall, a spa, a gym, a bar, a carousel, a movie theatre.

The movie theatreplay

The movie theatre


The ship also has a library, a casino, nightclubs, shops (one of which is a Starbucks), conference rooms, several swimming pools and even a helipad.

Shops and bars on the shipplay

Shops and bars on the ship

(The park on the ship)

One side of the ship even has a ‘park’, an open space with green trees and plants. There are even sidewalks that look just like regular streets.

The park on the shipplay

The park on the ship


Of course all these can be found on the largest cruise ship in the world! The magnificent ship has swimming pools and sunbeds on her roof.

Wave pool on the shipplay

Wave pool on the ship


There are a lot swimming pools too. There are swimming pools for children, swimming pools with slides, wave pools to practise surfing, swimming pools with fountains and a jacuzzi.

In other words, there is nothing you have on land that you can’t get on this ship.

With all the facilities and parks and sidewalks, this cruise ship can actually feel like touring a city or visiting on vacation because Allure of the Seas has all the trappings.

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