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Wedding Cakes: Check out this bizarre designs

Every lady, when growing up had dreams about the big day in her life- wedding day, especially the fantasies of her beautiful dress and her wedding cake.

Wedding cakes are believed to be a total reflection of one’s taste and style. It’s like the point of attraction of your wedding that keeps a look of excitement and pleasure on your guests’ faces.

As a reflection of style and idea, some couples in conjunction with some bakers keep coming up with some bizarre, unconventional wedding cake inspiration. Check out some of these cakes.

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wedding cakesplay

wedding cakes


This unicorn horn-shaped stunner, inspired by a traditional croquembouche cake, was baked by London-based Reshmi Bennett.

Bennett believes in doing something beyond the usual toppings. “I thought to have a whole smorgasbord of desserts would be much more of a feast for the eyes — and the belly.” So in addition to baking these cakes, she makes every single item that goes on top: From the Raspberry macarons to the Buttermilk doughnuts to the Candied popcorn to the Ferrero Rocher mini ice cream cones to the Cream-filled eclairs to the Meringue buttercream flowers and the Chocolate glazed profiteroles.

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wedding cake

(abc news)

Texas couple, Natalie Sideserf and David Sideserf took “till death do us part” to a whole new level when they came up with this wedding cake modelled after their own severed heads.

For the most part, guests’ reactions were positive and awe-filled, Sideserf, the bride and the cake baker said. “I didn’t tell anybody about it, so it made it really interesting to see people’s reactions,” she explained. “Everybody was shocked and loved it.”

wedding cakeplay

wedding cake

(Joel Maus)

This gorgeous “old fashioned” wedding cake was Stacy and Eric’s idea for their wedding.

Eric who shared their thoughts and inspiration behind their wedding said. “Both of us love history and are fascinated with the Victorian time period. We’re also both fans of Sci-fi/fantasy fiction, so that’s how our theme came about. Steampunk has it’s roots in Victorian Sci-Fi (Jules Verne, H.G. Wells), but has taken off in the last few years into an aesthetic all it’s own. We wanted something a little irreverent while still being classy, so it fit very well. And it gave our guests a chance to have fun with their outfits! ”

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