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World’s Largest Pizza Slice: You can now enjoy twice the size of your favourite dough in just one sitting

Just when we thought we have seen enough of the large-sized pizza around the world, this world’s largest pizza erupted.

You know how you always want more and more after filling your stomach and sinking your teeth into a thick crust covered in a tangy sauce, tantalising meats and cheese. Well thanks to this couple, JP Lambaise and his wife Julia of Healthy Junk Food, you can now get more than you desire and eventually bite more than you can chew.

Julia Lambaise eating the large-sized pizzaplay

Julia Lambaise eating the large-sized pizza


Known for making things like giant KFC drumsticks and Oreo Tacos, they’ve now just made the biggest piece of pizza possible.

The making of the largest pizza sliceplay

The making of the largest pizza slice


While we may not have the privilege to taste this large-sized pizza because of the high-calorie content and maybe, the cost, we’re so delighted we can at least feast our eyes on it.

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