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Bluetooth Tampons: New technology that tracks period flows

Are you one of those people who think tampons work fine as they are? Do you think sanitary products should be left exempt from the world’s ever-growing digitalisation? Well times are a changing, and your period is about to get a tech update.

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play This new innovation tracks your period (Track my flow)

My.Flow is a startup company that created tampons that tell you when they are full using bluetooth technology (Yes, you heard that right, Bluetooth) and its aim is to empower women through insight and to obliterate the period anxiety that plagues virtually 51 percent of the world at some point in their lives. But critics argue that women know their own cycle and when to change their tampon.

play The tampon connects to a period tracking monitor via a 6-12 inch long string. (Gizmodo)

This is how the bluetooth tampon works, it connects to a period tracking monitor via a six to 12 inch long string, which is then snapped to your waistband or underwear. In addition to a connected tampon and monitor, the system includes an accompanied app that tracks your period both granular and monthly.

The tracking technology formulates notifications of when it’s time to change your tampon, users can also customize both the timing and text of alerts and the My.Flow app will learn your cycle over time getting smarter by the month and when not in use, the monitor can act as a key chain holder (Interesting isn’t it?).

play When not in use the monitor can be a key holder chain (Daily Mail)

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To connect your the monitor, the tampon is simply inserted as normal, and a sensor cable placed into the monitor, which clips to your waistband. As interesting or weird as this sounds you can’t help questions like, What does the alert on your phone say?, Does it have buttons ON the tampon?, Is it machine washable?. Well this new innovation has certain setbacks as most of the vagina bearers said they would be reluctant to wear a tampon with so long a string and no one seemed crazy about the idea of having your tampon clipped to your waistband. But they did say that My.Flow seemed super useful, especially as training wheels for new members of the menstruation club.

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