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Wellness Tips: 5 weird but fast ways to tackle blocked nose

Blocked nose happen as a result of inflammation/too much mucus in the nasal passage and come extremely uncomfortable.

Sinus infections, cold/cough and so on also block the nose passage causing discomfort and in some cases fever and difficulty breathing properly.

To tackle this fast especially without using drugs, these seemingly weird foods work to clear the nose just as fast.

1. Using a warm compress method

Warm Compressplay

Blocked nose can be cleared using warm compress

(My New Healthy Life)

The first thing that comes to mind with blocked nose is warm (sometimes hot) liquid and so on but using/placing a warm towel, face cloth or even heating pads on the nose will help ease the blockage to make breathing easier as fast as possible.

2. Vinegar

The steam from a boiling vinegar is another way to get rid of blocked nose. For fast results, bring some vinegar to boil slowly while inhaling the steam, this eases blocked nose very fast and doesn’t come with any known side effect but make sure you do this in an airy space.

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Boiling Vinegarplay Boiling vinegar for a few minutes and inhaling it helps clear blocked nose (Galaxant)

3. Onion

Onions work to clear the nose (all you need is to peel it and the mucus in the nasal area is let flowing).

Cut onion, peeling off the layer, take it close to the nose and inhale! It gives instant relief from blocked nose.


Garlic (ad onions work to clear blocked nose)


4. Garlic

Just like using onions, garlic also work to clear the nose. Eat fresh cloves of garlic or add them to water to boil and drink this once its coool. This gives almost immediate relief to blocked nose.

5. Ginger

Ginger gets rid of blocked nose. Grate garlic and add to a glass of warm water and drink this for faster results.

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