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Wellness Tips: These 3 common habits are the cause of constant headache

Headaches cause discomfort and in some people it’s become a constant feeling which is not healthy.

It can come nudging, throbbing or persistent and so on but in whichever case it’s a sign something isn’t right and adequate rest is needed. With headache there is usually something wrong think of headache as a prompt trying to get your attention towards something!

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Headaches are triggered by lifestyle habits

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It’s usually a sign for the body to slow down and in other cases they come as signs of a serious underlying health problem where a physician should be seen.

These 3 common habits are likely reasons you have constant headache:

1. Computer/Laptop screen/light

Bright screens and lights from working on laptops and desktops trigger headache. They are the commonest reasons a working class person has headache as the light from the screen is known to affect the eyes causing nagging headaches.

Trick is to reduce brightness, use a screenguard or medicated glasses when working on those.

2. Insomnia/Lack or not enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep is a major cause of headaches. Anyone who works actively during the day should sleep at least an average of 5-6 hours at night to help the body refresh and restore. Not getting enough rest is a major reason you get constant headaches.

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Your soul-sucking, stress-filled job might cause cancerplay

Your soul-sucking, stress-filled job might cause cancer


3. Stress

Daily hustle and fast paced living is a major cause of constant throbbing headache.

You have to learn to slow down and relax giving the body time to restore itself before ‘starting all over again’.

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