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Wellness Tips: Wash your hands before/after doing these 7 things!

Washing the hands is one of the (most hygienic) way to keep germs at bay.

The hands over the course of the day touch things, hold money, ‘collect’ dust and grimes and so on in the course of the day leaving a great chance of introducing bacteria to any edible thing that comes along the way if the hands are not properly washed.

Washing handsplay

Washing hands

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It’s important to properly wash the hands to get rid of germs before taking on anything that has a likelihood of being ingested. Before and (or) after doing this things, make sure to wash your hands:

1. After spending time outside

When back from work, date, driving and everything that has a tendency to pile dust, grime and etc on the hands.

2. After using the bathroom

You should always wash your hands after using the bathroom (before exiting the bathroom) immediately after a pee, a poop or handling anything inside the bathroom.

Washing Handsplay

It’s important to properly wash the hands to get rid of germs

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3. Before eating

Wash your hands before eating even when you’re using cutlery. Don’t pick at finger foods or snacks before washing the hands first.

4. Before preparing food/cooking

Before you start cooking, wash your hands first before starting out to put ingredients together to cook.

5. After coughing or sneezing

Wash your hands after sneezing, coughing and blowing the nose, if water is not immediately available use a sanitizer but by all means when possible wash hands properly after doing those (sneezing, coughing and blowing the nose).

6. After taking out the trash or picking something off the floor

Wash hands after picking anything littering the floor or taking out the trash

7. After holding or using cleaning products, insecticides and any chemicals around the house/area of one’s environment, wash the hands properly.

Other include before wearing contact lenses, before and after changing sanitary pads, before and after changer a baby’s diaper and so on.

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