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Why Corporate Innovation is Harder Now

I was at Stanford in the Graduate School of Business and was interviewed by Peter Gardner of StartGrid for his On The Road podcast. I shared my current thinking about innovation in companies and government agencies.

It’s worth a listen.

BTW, it seems every podcast has a trick last question. This one was, “if I was on a road trip what’s the destination and what’s playing on the radio?”

Listen to the entire interview here:

Or just parts of the interview:

01:59 What drew me to entrepreneurship

03:43 What motivates me about innovation today

05:25 Entrepreneurship in the 20th century

06:30 The difference between large companies and startups

07:13 The Lean Startup Lightbulb moment

07:44 An MBA meant Master of Business Administration

08:18 Agile Development and Lean – Eric Ries

09:05 Business Model Canvas – Alexander Osterwalder

12:32 Innovation in Large Companies in the 20th Century

13:05 Startup Capital at Scale threatens large Companies

13:58 Startups operate with alacrity, agility and at times a death wish

15:06 Companies can only do things that are legal, while startups can do anything

16:00 Corporate defcon level – the wartime footing level

17:41 Innovation Theater

18:23 Did you move the top or bottom line?

19:50 Two types of 21st century corporations

20:55 Hedge funds and dual-class stock

22:28 Innovation pipeline not silos

24:25 Innovation Outposts

26:32 Why Innovators Leave Companies

27:30 We can’t afford to have our government go out of business

28:54 Why I turn on the Beach Boys

Like this:


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