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David Moyes Wants Football Agents Fees Published

David Moyes wants agent fees to be published to show the truth behind player transfers.

Former Sunderland boss, Sam Allardyce, lost his job as England manager after just one game in charge, following the Daily Telegraph’s investigation into alleged corruption in English football.

Moyes, who distanced himself from third-party ownership deals, replaced Allardyce at the Stadium of Light and he believes there should be more transparency throughout the game, starting with agents brokering transfer deals. .

“In my time, I’ve not seen much or any of it, probably,” Moyes said. “I think it would be great if everything was more transparent in general. If you’re a fan and your club signs a player you don’t get to know what the agent’s fee is on the deal.

“If we published those then we might get a few shocks. Then maybe people could see that signing the player isn’t the only cost. The football clubs would have to show how much they’re giving individuals.

“No (it wouldn’t be a very good thing for the agents) but it doesn’t look like a very good thing for the managers or the coaches at the moment by some accounts. It’s only my opinion. I think if we did that there would be a few more gasps.”

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