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Andros Townsend Explains Why He Had To Quit Newcastle 

Andros Townsend insists he had to quit Newcastle and return to the Premier League for the sake of his international career.

“It has been extremely frustrating. Looking back on it I got injured at the wrong time when I was flying high,” he said. “Then for a year or two I could not get back to the form I wanted to.

“But now, what is in the past is in the past and I proved at Newcastle I am still good enough to play in the Premier League.

“It gave me great confidence again and I got back in the England squad. Unfortunately, it did not work out for me there but now I am playing well for Palace and scoring goals again.

“I really enjoyed my time at Newcastle, I make no secret of that. It did cross my mind to stay but I need to be playing Premier League football if I want to make the most of my career.”

“A year taking a step back in the Championship when at Spurs I wasn’t as playing as much as I’d have liked to, I decided I couldn’t really do that.

“I made the tough decision, I’m happy to be at Palace now, everything is going well, so hopefully it was the right decision.”

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