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Klopp Compares Liverpool Atmosphere To Dortmund’s

Former Dortmund manager, Jurgen Klopp now at Liverpool believes the Reds have developed an atmosphere just like he had in Germany.

Dortmund won two Bundles Liga titles with him in charge, stopping Bayern’s dominance for a while in the league.

And with the Merseyside club sitting in third with a game in hand, Klopp is comparing Liverpool with Dortmund.

“We have an atmosphere which is as good as it should be because of all the people working here,” he told UK newspapers. “We had our Christmas party last week and it was really nice having all the people around.

“It was a big difference after one year because you know all of them. After three months I still had no idea the name of certain staff.

“We have a completely different situation to last year. It is not the same but similar to what we had at Dortmund.”

Klopp’s men begin a busy holiday period with a clash at home to Stoke City on Tuesday.

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