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Burnley Manager Sean Dyche Can’t Stop Coaches From Showing Public Interest About His Players

Burnley boss Sean Dyche admits he is powerless to stop rival managers speaking publicly about his players.

Everton have revealed that Clarets defender Michael Keane is a transfer target this summer with Ronald Koeman declaring the 24-year-old has a “great future”.

The Burnley manager says he does not believe it’s right to speak about other club’s players but concedes he can do little about it.

“I’ve had it with many players and it’s a balance in the sense it’s a compliment in the sense that people think there must be life at Burnley so they think let’s go and have a look and when they do look they think there are some really good players there and then there is that edge of worry that eventually when someone comes in, who are way more powerful than us financially and start pushing the boundaries,” Dyche said.

“But it’s not something that’s new to me.”

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