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Mourinho: Celta Vigo Match, The Most Important In United’s History

Jose Mourinho believes the semifinal of the Europa League against Celta Vigo is United’s most important match till date.

United hold a 1-0 away advantage ahead of the second leg at Old Trafford and are pushing to win the Europa League.

Mourinho’s men draw away from qualifying for the Champions League domestically, but will qualify if they win the Europa.

“For Celta, it’s – in their words – the most important match of their history,” he said.

“My feelings, it’s also the most important match of our history. It doesn’t matter what happened before, how big the matches we played before.

“I don’t believe Celta dreams more than us, want to win more than us. I really don’t believe. In this aspect, I don’t think there will be a difference between both teams.”

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