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Ludacris’ wife pens sweet “40 reasons why I love you” post on his 40th Birthday 😍

Ludacris‘ wife Eudoxieshared this 40 point list on Instagram celebrating the rapper at 40 years old.

See below:

40 years of fine! Happy birthday to my loving husband. I thank God for you every day. 🙏🏾❤️ 40 reasons why I love you.

1. Your love for your family

2. Your leadership

3. Your humility

4. Your ability to light up a room and make

everyone feel loved

5. Your patience

6. Your love for all of your children

7. Your courage

8. Your strength

9. Your love for the world

10. Your work ethic

11. Your pure spirit

12. Your enormous heart

13. Taking great care of our family

14. Making sure we never go without

15. Your passion in trying new things

16. Your love for traveling

17. Your sensitivity

18. Your talents

19. You are goal oriented

20. Your generosity

21. Your sense of humor

22. Your friendship

23. The way you make me feel so loved every day

24. Your loyalty

25. You prioritize family time

26. Your morals

27. The way you teach our girls to set goals and achieve them

28. Your accountability

29. Your integrity

30. Your ability to take it one day at a time, and make the best of it

31. Raising my little sister and putting her in the best schools.

32. Loving my sister like she is your own child

33. Love and honoring your mother

34. Being a man of your word

35. Paying for my graduate school education

36. Finding the best counselor and getting me help when we first met; (I was dealing with past abuse.)

37. Teaching me how to save and invest my money

38. Pushing me to achieve my goals

39. Your character

40. Your wisdom

#MCM #chateaudeluda40 #kingluda#luda40


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