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Connor’s Right — Everyone on ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ is Terrible

In the season 3 winter premiere of How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise and the new Keating Four dealt with the aftermath of Wes’ death, showing the true colors of these characters and the toll that this life has taken on them.

In the clip below, Connor says they’re all “bad people,” and he’s not wrong. They’ve covered up several murders; Wes killed Sam, Bonnie killed Rebecca, Frank killed Lila (and Annalise’s baby), and Asher killed the District Attorney. Meanwhile, everyone else helped cover it up. So, he’s right, they are terrible people, but we love them anyway.

What really makes this series stand out is that, even though they’re all horrible people, we’re all rooting for them and we still want the best for them anyway.

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Connor’s outburst, sparked by him sleeping with the guy Oliver was recently involved with, showed just how much of a toll the lying, manipulation and murder has taken. Sleeping with Thomas is probably the least terrible thing Connor has done in three seasons, but it makes sense given that he was attempting to lash out at Oliver.

With Wes gone, things could possible calm down for the Keating Four. After all, he is the one who killed Sam (the others were just accomplices), and he’s the one who shot Annalise. Wes was the reason they’d all been dragged down this dark path. But, still, we rooted for him because he maintained a lovable quality, amidst all of the murder and cover-ups.

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Meanwhile, Annalise being in prison might save her students, but aren’t we all wishing a happy life for her, too?

She lost her terrible, cheating husband, but she still loved him despite what he’d done, and she lost her baby so many years ago. Her one chance. Annalise has had a hard life, and while she’s definitely had a downward spiral of late, she’s still the strong, determined defense attorney we saw in the pilot.

They’ve all done terrible things. They all are terrible people but maybe it’s enough knowing they can see that for themselves and try to change. Or maybe the series should end with them all being thrown into prison, who knows.

What do you think? Is everyone on How to Get Away with Murder terrible?

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