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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Recap: Someone Else is Charged with Wes’ Murder

In the 11th episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled “Not Everything’s About Annalise,” Annalise struggles with the reality of life in prison while the D.A. looks into Frank’s confession to Wes’ murder. Meanwhile, the Keating Four learn that the D.A.’s investigation into Annalise is much bigger than they knew and could very well land them all in jail with her.

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Frank is Arrested

The episode begins with a flashback to the day Wes was killed. We see him get in the car with Frank. Wes tells Frank that the cops are investigating Annalise but he didn’t tell them anything yet. Wes threatens that he might tell the cops about Frank killing his father. Frank doesn’t think Laurel would like that. They then argue over Laurel and Wes says he would never hurt Laurel or Annalise the way Frank did. Wes knows Frank killed Annalise’s son and he’s dead to her now. He also knows Frank won’t hurt him because if he did, Annalise would never forgive him.

In the present day, Frank is telling the cops that he killed Wes. He says that he picked Wes up from the station, claiming Annalise wanted to see him. When they got to Annalise’s house, Frank knocked him out and then set up the explosion, making sure he had time to get out first. The cops ask Frank why he killed Wes and he says he did it because Laurel left him for Wes. He says he found out Laurel was pregnant and he lost it. The detectives ask him if he wanted to kill Laurel too, but Frank says she wasn’t supposed to be there. He claims he’s confessing because he can’t stand the fact that he hurt Laurel.

While Frank gives his confession, Annalise is brought from jail to the police station. The detectives want to question her about her relationship with Frank. Annalise won’t give them anything and just keeps asking to speak to her lawyer. While Bonnie gets a call to come to the station, the cops tell Frank he is free to go because they cannot corroborate his confession. Frank tells them to check the street cameras outside the police station. When they do, they see Wes getting into Frank’s car a few hours before he was killed. The cops decide to arrest Frank and hold him for questioning, but they are not charging him yet. Bonnie arrives at the station to see Annalise when she spots Frank. Frank yells that he killed Wes and he wants Bonnie to tell Annalise that he’s sorry.

Atwood is Determined to Find Annalise Guilty

Bonnie finally gets in to see Annalise and tells her about Frank’s confession. She thinks Atwood will have to drop the charges now and that Annalise will be released shortly. Annalise isn’t convinced since Bonnie failed in even getting her out on bail. (Though, to be fair, Annalise is the one who insisted Bonnie act as her lawyer. Bonnie wanted her to choose someone else.)

Atwood and the D.A. go over the security footage of Wes getting into Frank’s car on the day he was killed. While they can’t track Frank’s car after that to know if Frank really did drive Wes to Annalise’s house, the D.A. thinks it would be hard to convince the jury Frank didn’t kill Wes. The D.A. calls Nate in and puts him back on Annalise’s case. He tells Nate about Frank’s confession and asks Nate to talk to Laurel.

Nate pays Laurel a visit in the hospital and informs her of Frank’s confession. He tells her that Frank is claiming he killed Wes because Laurel is pregnant with Wes’ baby. Nate then asks Laurel if she told Frank she was pregnant. Laurel doesn’t answer right away and then feigns feeling unwell. It’s enough to make Nate realize that she never told Frank she was pregnant and Frank is lying. He tells Laurel he knows what it’s like to be afraid of Annalise and to call him if she wants to talk.

Once Nate leaves, Laurel calls Bonnie to confirm if Frank turned himself in and to let Bonnie know that Nate was asking questions. Laurel knows Frank is lying because she never told him about the baby. (Laurel didn’t even know she was pregnant, so she certainly never told Frank.) She wonders if Frank confessed to save Annalise and Bonnie says she doesn’t know why Frank confessed.

Bonnie confronts Atwood about having another suspect in custody. Atwood points out that Frank could be lying for Annalise and they need a lot more than his confession to charge him. She also claims all of the evidence they do have points to Annalise. Later, Nate goes to see Atwood and tells her that Laurel isn’t talking. He asks to speak with Frank since they have history, but Atwood says she can handle it.

Of course, Atwood is out of her depth with Frank. She tells him she knows he’s lying for Annalise. She also says that several hours passed between the time Frank picked Wes up outside the police station and the time of the explosion. She asks what happened in between, but Frank won’t talk to her. When Atwood fails to get Frank to talk, Nate gives it a try, but he doesn’t fare any better. Still, Nate is convinced Frank didn’t kill Wes and he’s clearly going to keep looking into the case until he learns the truth.

Frank is Charged with Wes’ Murder

After speaking with Oliver, Bonnie goes to see Annalise again. She tells her that the D.A.’s office is coming after her for several different murders and even if they clear her of Wes’ murder, she will still be in trouble. Bonnie wants Annalise to make a deal with Atwood and pin everything on Frank.

Annalise must have agreed to Bonnie’s suggestion because we see Bonnie and Annalise meeting with Atwood to try to secure the deal. Atwood uses the opportunity to go after Annalise, accusing her of ruining Wes’ life and goading her into lashing out. After Annalise’s outburst, Atwood tells Bonnie they won’t be making any deals.

Bonnie then goes to Laurel for help. Laurel talks to the police and backs up Frank’s story that she told him about her pregnancy. She also tells them that she remembered something from the night of the explosion. She claims she saw Frank in the basement that night and he ran out just before the explosion.

Based off Laurel’s statement, the detectives finally charge Frank. Only, as Bonnie tells Annalise, they are charging him as a co-conspirator in Wes’ death so Frank’s confession isn’t going to get Annalise released.

Did Bonnie Go After Wes?

At the end of the episode, we get more flashbacks to Frank and Wes’ conversation on the day Wes was killed. Wes tells Frank that he knows Rebecca was murdered and he thinks Frank did it. Frank admits to killing Wes’ father, but he says he didn’t kill Rebecca. (This is the one thing we know for sure Frank isn’t lying about.) Since he is getting nowhere with Frank, Wes decides to walk back to the police station. Once he gets out of the car, Frank calls Bonnie and tells her that Wes knows about Rebecca. Bonnie tells Frank to keep tabs on Wes and she’ll check in again soon. (While both Bonnie and Frank have killed in the past, it’s unlikely either of them had anything to do with Wes’ murder.)

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The Keating Four Are Falling Apart

The Keating Four are having a difficult time of things in the wake of Wes’ death and Annalise’s arrest. Hargrove calls Michaela, Connor, and Asher into her office under the guise of offering them any help they might require. Michaela knows she’s only doing this to cover her backside in case they decide to sue the university for failing to protect it’s students. She asks if they’ve even organized a memorial for Wes yet and they haven’t. Michaela knows this is just because the university wants to distance itself from Annalise, but she tells them they should reconsider that decision. Michaela says Annalise is being framed for Wes’ murder and they should think twice before hanging her out to dry. (I think even Annalise would be impressed with how Michaela handles Hargrove.)

Later that day, Bonnie fills Michaela, Connor and Asher in on Frank’s confession. She says she knows there is evidence against Frank and if they can find it, she can get Annalise released. Bonnie wants them to get Oliver to hack the D.A.’s office but Connor says that’s not going to happen now. He then reveals that Oliver knows they were involved in Sam’s murder, but Oliver already said he wouldn’t go to the police. Michaela and Connor end up getting into an argument and Connor wonders why Michaela covered for Annalise. Michaela points out that they will all be in danger if Annalise goes down. Connor has no interest in helping Annalise since he’s still somewhat convinced she or Frank killed Wes. Bonnie interrupts their argument and says that they need to help her because their lives are on the line, too.

After leaving Bonnie, Michaela and the guys head over to Oliver’s apartment. Michaela wants to make sure Oliver understands that he cannot tell anyone what he knows about Sam. She does this by basically threatening poor Oliver, despite Connor’s attempts to get her to back down. Once that is cleared up, Michaela tells Oliver they need him to hack the D.A.’s office.

Oliver eventually gains access to Atwood’s server and learns that the D.A. is investigating Annalise in connection to Rebecca’s murder. Bonnie arrives to check up on their progress and they ask her if Frank killed Rebecca. Bonnie says he didn’t and then fails to take the opportunity to come clean and admit that she did the killing of Rebecca. Oliver keeps digging and finds out that the D.A. is investigating Annalise’s ties to a string of murders. (These murders include Sam, Rebecca, Lila, Sinclair, and even the Hapstalls.)

Michaela, Connor and Asher then head to see Laurel in the hospital. They briefly discuss the benefits of fleeing the country before Asher admits that he doesn’t have a passport so that option is ruled out. Laurel shares with them her concerns that Meggy has been acting “sketchy.” (Earlier in the episode, Meggy tried to question Laurel about seeing Nate in her hospital room and Laurel basically had to kick Meggy out.)

That night, Asher offers Michaela a massage as a thank you for Michaela taking care of business in Annalise’s absence. Meanwhile, Connor goes to see Oliver and it is clear that Oliver isn’t doing so well now that he’s in on the big cover-up. Oliver doesn’t know how Connor managed to hold it together all these months and pretend like everything was normal. Connor says he should’ve rejected Oliver a long time ago so he wouldn’t become involved in all of this. Instead of continuing to talk about their problems, Oliver asks Connor to hold him.

Annalise is Also Having a Rough Time

While Bonnie is working to get her out of prison, Annalise is not doing well behind bars. The other prisoners are giving her a hard time and Annalise comes close to losing it on them. Her friendly cellmate gets the other prisoners to back down and then offers Annalise a blade to defend herself. Annalise doesn’t take it at first, but after her confrontation with Atwood, Annalise uses the blade to cut her hair. By the end of the hour, Annalise is in such a bad state that she tells Bonnie she deserves everything that is happening to her. (Given that Annalise will likely be in jail for a while, I hope she finds a way to cope.)

What did you think of this episode of How to Get Away with Murder season 3? Are you surprised that Laurel backed up Frank’s confession even though she no longer seems to believe he killed Wes? Is Meggy up to something or is she just trying to find out what happened to her ex-boyfriend? Why did Hargrove visit Annalise in jail? Is she just trying to cover all her bases in case Annalise is found innocent? Do you think Wes found out the truth about Rebecca’s death before he died? If so, did Bonnie confess or did he figure it out some other way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

How to Get Away with Murder
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