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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Recap: Annalise Gets Released, but Someone Else Lands in Hot Water

In the twelfth episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled “Go Cry Somewhere Else,” Annalise goes to extremes to get released from jail after learning some upsetting news about her mother’s health. Meanwhile, Oliver is called in for questioning, the Keating Four attend Wes’ memorial, and Nate uncovers a shocking twist in the investigation.

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Annalise and Frank Head to Court

The episode begins with a flashback. We see that Frank is still following Wes while Bonnie is at the police station talking to Nate. She tells Nate that if the cops charge Annalise with anything, he’ll go down with her. Nate tells Bonnie not to threaten him again. Meanwhile, Frank tries to follow Wes but ends up losing him. Bonnie tells Frank to go to Annalise’s house while she checks Wes’ apartment. She also tells Frank not to hurt Wes. We then see Wes get in a cab in a hurry to get somewhere. He ignores a call from Laurel to make a call of his own. He calls someone listed as an emergency contact who apparently knows him as Christophe.

In the present day, while Annalise gets ready to go back to court, Laurel and the others are preparing for Wes’ memorial service. Laurel gets released from the hospital just in time to attend the memorial, but she’s clearly still in a lot of pain. When they arrive, the church is packed with a bunch of random people, most of whom didn’t even know Wes. Laurel tries to give a eulogy at Wes’ service, but she only gets part-way through before a random crying woman distracts her. Laurel ends up going off on said woman and all of the random strangers there who are claiming this tragedy as their own even though they had no connection to Wes. Laurel ends up leaving the service in tears.

Frank and Annalise are brought to the courthouse at the same time, but Annalise refuses to even look at Frank. In court, Bonnie argues to have the cases severed and have different trials for both Frank and Annalise. The judge denies her request and again refuses to grant Annalise bail despite Frank being the only defendant who confessed to the crime.

After the hearing, Annalise’s mother talks to Nate. She wants Nate to get involved and help Annalise, but Nate says he can’t because he is working for the D.A. now. Poor Ophelia is horrified that Nate won’t help Annalise.

Annalise goes back to jail and continues to be taunted by her hostile cellmate. (Has the show given either of Annalise’s cellmates a name? If so, I keep missing it.)

After the memorial, Michaela is frantically looking for Laurel who disappeared and is not answering her phone. While Michaela worries over Laurel’s whereabouts, Oliver gets a call from the cops asking him to come in for questioning. The students all start panicking and try to come up with ways to get Oliver out of the interview. Poor Oliver comes close to having a panic attack.

Annalise Deals with Family Drama

Annalise is not happy that her parents showed up in court. She’s even less happy when they come to visit her in jail. Annalise’s mom tells her that she will find a way to fix this. She then says she will confess to burning the house down because she has confused Annalise’s house fire with the time she killed Annalise’s uncle after learning he was abusing Annalise. Annalise is shocked to learn that her mother has dementia and her family kept it from her. She asks Bonnie to look into getting her mother into a long-term care facility in the area since that’s one problem they can actually fix.

There’s still plenty of tension between Annalise and her father. When Ophelia leaves them alone to talk, he tells Annalise that he didn’t know Ophelia killed his brother. Annalise reminds him that he did know Annalise was abused because she told him so herself, but he didn’t believe her. They continue to argue and Annalise’s father tells her that if she really wants to help her mother, she’ll find a way to get out of jail.

Once Annalise is released, she goes home with her parents. Her mother is still confused over what is happening so Annalise lies to her and says the DA dropped all the charges against her. Ophelia is beyond relieved that Annalise is “free.”

Laurel Confronts Frank

Since they see no way around it, Bonnie and the others prep Oliver for his interview with the police. At first, he does not hold up well under the pressure and Connor is worried that he cannot do this. Yet Oliver knows he has to get through with the questioning because it was his decision to help Annalise that night and he has to deal with the consequences. By the time Oliver actually talks to the police, he is calm enough to handle himself. He is able to explain away his reason for going to the legal clinic that night and he easily lies when asked about wiping Annalise’s phone. Later, Connor tells Oliver that he is learning that Oliver is actually a really good liar and Oliver admits to having told another lie. He then tells Connor that when he wiped Annalise’s phone, he kept a copy.

When Laurel finally returns home that night, Michaela lectures her about going off on her own. Laurel tearfully wonders if Frank really is guilty of killing Wes. She admits that she wants to believe he did it so she has someone to blame, but if he’s innocent, that means Wes’ killer is still out there. The next day, Michaela tells Laurel that she got her a meeting with Frank so Laurel can find out the truth for herself.

Laurel meets with Frank, but he cannot say much since his lawyer is there. Yet something about Frank’s reaction to her questions convinces her that he didn’t kill Wes. She says as much to the others and Bonnie backs her up, also saying that Frank didn’t do this. Laurel says they need to find out who really killed Wes. That night, Laurel heads to Wes’ apartment and just breaks down.

Though Bonnie said some harsh things about Frank in court, Frank seems almost happy when he calls her that night and tells her that he fired his lawyer. He will be representing himself which means that they are now co-counsels and any conversation they have from here on out will be privileged.

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What Happened to Wes’ Body?

After disappearing from the memorial service, Laurel heads to the morgue in the hopes of viewing Wes’ body. She is told that the DA’s office has a hold on his remains so she needs to get permission from them before she can see Wes. Laurel asks Nate to take her to see Wes’ body and he eventually relents. Alas, when they go to view Wes’ body, they find a stranger’s corpse in his place.

Nate talks to the DA and he admits that they lost Wes’ body, but he says they were trying to keep it quiet. Nate thinks they just handed the case to Annalise, yet when Atwood eventually comes clean and tells the judge that they “misplaced” Wes’ body, the judge still refuses to release Annalise.

When Bonnie tells Annalise that the judge denied her request for bail yet again, Annalise just hangs up on her and goes back to her cell to pick a fight for her hostile cellmate. Annalise provokes the woman into attacking her so Bonnie can use the beating to get her out on bail. Bonnie does just that and Annalise is finally released.

At the end of the episode, Nate has another chat with the DA and he says someone did interfere with the case. Someone on the inside signed off on having Wes’ body moved to another morgue, and according to the paperwork, that person was Nate. We then see a highly suspect flashback of Nate and Wes running into each other at Annalise’s house the night Wes was murdered. (As with both Frank and Bonnie, I highly doubt Nate had any involvement in Wes’ death.)

What did you think of this episode of How to Get Away with Murder season 3? Is someone setting Nate up by forging his signature on the paperwork? Or did Nate actually have Wes’ body moved and he’s just trying to keep the DA from finding out? (Perhaps Nate wanted a different medical examiner to do another autopsy on Wes’ body since the original M.E. changed her findings.) Has Oliver always been a good liar or has he just been spending too much time with Annalise and company? Who agrees with me that Karla Souza stole this episode as the full weight of Wes’ death finally hit Laurel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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